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Developing a better bond between you and your dog

About me

I've been a Search and Rescue K9 handler and trainer for 9 years. About 2 years ago I received my certification in K9 obedience training from Animal Behavior College. 

I currently have 2 Golden Retrievers who are certified through CARDA (California Rescue Dog Association) in Air Scent Live find & Human Remains Detection. 

I am an Evaluator with CARDA, scheduling and conducting tests for new handlers and those needing to re-certify. 

I am a sponsor/mentor for several apprentices in CARDA and assist many others who attend our local training days.

In addition, I am a K9 handler with both Nevada County and El Dorado County Sheriffs Departments Search and Rescue teams as well as former team leader for Nevada County Search and Rescue K9.

My other 2 dogs are Belgiun Malinois who are trained in natural gas & oil pipeline leak detection as well as narcotics detection. 

I was an Animal Control Officer with the city of Grass Valley, then with the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, for a total of 5 years. This experience included learning to contain and handle extremely aggressive dogs, which has helped me with several recent clients.

My passion is working with dogs and helping their handlers find the best way to communicate with their particular K9 partner to reach a goal. There is nothing better than seeing a bond "click" into place when the handler clearly communicates what they want and the dog joyfully responds. 

I conduct scent work classes to teach dog owners how to work their dogs in scent detection. I use the same scent sources commonly used in K9 nose work; birch, anise, and clove. Scent work is a great way for your dog to use his/her natural olfactory ability to solve problems and have fun while you build a better bond and means of communication with your dog.

Continuing education is paramount in any field and I strive to better my own skills whenever I can. A few examples of these opportunities include a Southern California specialized seminar called "Locating the Dead" where certified HRD (Human Remains Detection) handlers have the unique experience of working their dogs on fully intact cadavers in differing stages of decomposition and in various scenarios. This type of training, while it may sound gruesome, is essential in helping our K9 partners locate deceased individuals and bring closure to grieving families. I will also be attending an 80 hour intensive training clinic this year in Las Vegas with a master detection dog trainer and will be able to employ this added knowledge in helping my clients and apprentices become better handlers.